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Activa CNG

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Honda Activa CNG is launching soon in India. It is all about Indian Government. Launches CNG Kits for 2-wheelers. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India and the Ministry of Environment. In a country with greener mobility solutions have taken a step forward in the direction of starting.

The government has launched the Two-Wheelers CNG Kit in Delhi, which has doing combating a huge air pollution threat, with the levels of pollution floating in critical zone for most parts of the nation top metropolitan city.

The CNG kit is approved by an ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and has fitted in the gearless scooter which is made by Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer (Honda Motorcycles India Ltd). Now, the government launched the 10 scooters for the Domino’s pizza boy for free of a complete run and got their feedback after some pizza delivered. 50 more scooters have already retrofitted with the two-wheeler CNG kit.

Honda Activa CNG is the first two-wheeler in India, which is run from the CNG Fuel. It is very beneficial for our environment. In the CNK kit, there are two cylinders, and in each cylinder has 1 kg gas capacity.

Estimated price of the CNG Honda Activa is Rs. 65,000. Mileage of the CNG Activa is approximately 120 km/liter.

The Running cost in a petrol engine is Rs. 1.3 per km in Delhi while in CNG it could be 60-65 paisa per km. The government claims the CNG scooter at a distance of 120 kilometers in 1 kg.

Honda Activa CNG updates the launching Date Once the test finished, the government will relieve the list of Authorized CNG Kit Seller for Activa also will request that the Two Wheeler organizations deliver the vehicle in the CNG variant as a selection too.

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Honda Activa with a CNG Kit

The MGL initiated the development of CNG kits that can be retrofit on automatic scooters. The development process took four months, and the kits completed pilot runs before being introduced in the market. The CNG kits are manufactured by component makers ITUK as well as Lovato and launch earlier. The kits are quite similar to found in cars, and let you choose between both CNG and petrol options.

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Toggle switch allows Swap from petrol to CNG

Twin cylinders are placed just behind the apron and covered with a black plastic panel. There is a small lockable opening at the front of the panel gives you access to the CNG fuel gauge. The toggling between petrol and CNG fuel options is taken care by the switch located right below a choke. There are air vents on the tip of a plastic panel that act as a safety feature, especially added to let the gas pass, should there be a leakage.

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How Much Does It Cost

The MGL and Lovato say that the CNG kit equipped scooters offer a running cost of ₹ 0.60 paise per km. It includes Rs 0.48 paise per km for fuel and ₹ 0.12 paise for the maintenance. However, when you compare both of it to the running costs of a standard scooter that run at ₹ 1.2 paise per km the difference is almost half between the two.

As maintenance costs are concerned, the company states that the CNG equipped scooters need to follow the same service intervals as a petrol derivative.

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What Are The Changes

At first, it is difficult to distinguish the standard scooter from that of the CNG derivative. Demo vehicle that comes with the CNG badging, which is the giveaway. On a customer spec model, though, it will be hard to know the same.

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