Parveen Babi

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Parveen Babi


About Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi is an Indian actress, who is recognized for her glamorous roles with the top heroes of the 1970s. And early 1980s in blockbusters like Amar Akbar Anthony, Deewar, Namak Halaal, and Shaan.


Parveen Babi was Born on 4 April 1949 in Junagadh, Gujarat, India. And Died 20 January 2005 at the age of aged 55 in Mumbai, India. Her father, Vali Mohammed Babi, (died 1959), was a system administrator with the Nawab of Junagadh. And mother Jamal Bakhte Babi.


Parveen Babi never gets married, but media thought that she might have had relationships with men. In the film industry such as director Mahesh Bhatt as well as actors Danny Denzongpa and Kabir Bedi. She also rumored to had an affair with her co-star, Amitabh Bachchan. With whom she later developed unreasonable fears as she blamed him for trying to kill her.



She was found dead on 22 January 2005 after her residential society. Secretary alerted the police that she had not collected milk and newspapers from her doorstep for 3 days. The police suspected that she might have been dead for up to 72 hours before. The cause of her death not quickly known. She was found to have gangrene disease on the left foot as a complication of her diabetic condition. A wheelchair was found beside her bed and a series of disarranged clothes, paintings, medicines, and newspapers.


Actor Parveen Babi Will ‘Probated’ Most Assets To Be Spent For Social Cause

After the death of Parveen Babi, the Bombay High Court has Prohated her will. Paving the way for disposal of the utmost of her assets towards social causes as per Parveen wish.

Justice Gautam Patel probated Babi will on October 14 this year, after the actor parental relatives, who had disputed the legitimacy of her will, told the court that they don’t want to pursue the case longer.
As the dispute, stood resolved, Justice Patel directed the HC registry to grant letters allowing the administration of the will to the Babi uncle, Muradkhan Babi by December 23, 2016.

After the Death of Parveen Babi 22 January 2005, Muradkhan Babi, 82, is a relieved man. He claimed that she had left him in charge of her assets. Which included her Juhu apartment, a house in Junagadh, jewellery, and bank deposits.

He produced the copy of a will, which Ms. Babi wanted a trust formed and headed by him. The trust to channel 70 percent of her assets towards social work for women and children. Another 10 percent of the property were left to Babi alma mater St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. And the rest 20 percent have willed to Muradkhan.

Muradkhan, who resides in Junagadh where the Parveen Babi spent her childhood with him. And has reached a ripe old age, says that he is now looking forward to fulfilling the last wish of his niece.

Muradkhan appealed to the High Court in August 2005 to get the will probated, but some other families of the actress contested the authenticity of the will.