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Google Chromecast


The Google Chromecast is a streaming media player. The devices design to play audio/video content on a high-definition television by direct streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet.

Chromecast first version was released in July 2013. It easily sold out. Sales have now topped 30 million in 2013.

Users select the media to play using a mobile application and web application that support the Google Cast technology. Chromecast can access video content from the  YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, the Google Play Store. And other services like Sling TV, ESPN, Disney, PBS, History, NBA, and much more. The one major content provider that you can not use with it is Amazon Video.


You can use one Chromecast on one TV at a time, but you can also unplug it from one television to move another at any time.

Alternatively, content can reflect from the Google Chrome web browser running on a personal computer or the screen of Android devices.

The Chromecast devices are dongles that are power by connecting the device micro-USB port to an external power supply.


Chromecast 2015

The Google Chromecast which got the upgradation in 2015. The regular Chromecast has a list price of $35 video and audio streaming dongle. That connects to Wi-Fi and accepts commands from your smartphone. It works on Android or iOS or Windows Phone device.


Chromecast got an upgrade with Ultra 2016

  • A New version that supports HDR, Dolby Vision, and 4K content.
  • The biggest changes are that the new Chromecast is 1.8 times faster than its older version.
  • No more laggy in connectivity.
  • Chromecast Ultra will be available in November has reasonable cost at $69.
  • It has an Ethernet port integrated into the power adapter.