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Google Home




Google Home is a Voice enable wireless speaker developed by the Google. They announce about Google Home on 18, May 2016 where they declare that Home would run Google Assistant.

On June 2016 they confirm that Home would use an optimized version of the Chromecast’s software and hardware and also support home automation software, allowing the user to control the compatible products.

Google Home is a voice-activated device that Google assistant to any room in the house via a Wi-Fi-connected speaker.


What is Google Home

Google has developed a smart device for smart home of the future.

What Google smart home speaker plans on doing differently. It is better at controlling your smart home devices, starting with Google recently acquired Nest series of products, and integrating with Google Cast-enabled device.

Google share more details about how Home will work and which types of apps and gadgets it will compatible with. The list of streaming services that Google Home is congenial with is impressive, from music services such as Spotify, TuneIn, and Pandora to video services such as Netflix and YouTube.


It simple voice command you can ask Google Home to play a song, start on your favorite TV show, check your flight schedule or turn on your lights, all without leaving the comfort of the couch.


How does it work?

For Example – You can ask it to play a song or ask it a question like “what day is mother’s Day this year,” (the answer, in case you are wondering, is June 18) or you ask “what the weather like in Baroda?” All questions need to prefaces by a keyword -OK, Google in this case – which causes the speaker to start listening to the voice.


Design  Features

  1. Multi-room capability

  • Multiple Google Home devices can group together to enjoy the same song in every room.
  1. Hi-Fi speaker

  • An integrated high-excursion speaker delivers the crystal-clear highs and rich bass.
  1. Touch controls

  • The Top Touch surface gives you total control and a mute button to put Google Home microphones on standby.
  1. Far-field voice recognition.

  • Far-field microphones and industry leading natural language processing secure Google Home hear you reliably.
  1. Customizable bases.

  • Optional support accessories to allow you to customize Google Home with a simple twist and pull.

Features Of Google Home

Google Home support various categories such as:-

  1. Enjoy Entertainment like Multi-room audio, Mobile app audio streaming, News, TV streaming, and control.
  2. Get Answer like Facts and information, Finances, Calculator, Podcasts, translation, Nutrition, Dictionary.
  3. Manage Tasks like Alarm, Radio, Shopping list, Timer, Sports, and TV streaming.
  4. Plan Your Day like Flight Information, Local Guide, Music. My day, Traffic, Weather.
  5. Control Your Homes like IFTTT, Light Control, Smart plugs and switch control and thermostat control.
  6. Have Fun like Delight, Easter eggs, Games.


Google Home  Specification:-

1. Price $130
2. Hardware Support ARM processor
3. Responds to voice commands Yes
4. Always listening Yes
5. Wake word “Okay Google.”
6. Music streaming options Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn.
7. Smart home partnerships  Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, IFTTT
8. Customizable appearance  Yes
9. Output to Stereo system Yes, via Chromecas
10. Synced audio playback to multiple devices  Yes, to any Google Cast device
11. Personal Assistant Highlights Search Google, get a personalized daily briefing, check traffic, add items to the calendar, make a shopping list, make a to-do list, check flight status, track a package.