Google Wi-Fi

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Google Wi-Fi


Google introduce Google Wi-Fi , a new connected Wi-Fi system designed to give you an active signal in each and every room, or on every device.

We all using a Wi-Fi in our homes through a centralized router, but using a single Wifi router to spread signal to the whole house is unexpected. Distances and walls make it difficult for a single device to send a strong signal to each room of your home, and that resulting in slow Wi-Fi.


Fast Google Wi-Fi

Google Wifi is created and designed on the based on to support the new ways we use the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi has able to support lots of devices at the same time and stand up to high-bandwidth activities. Google Wifi is an expandable device, so for larger homes, you just have to add Google Wifi points. They connect to one another and spread all over and provides a strong network signal to every room.

They use a technology called mesh Wi-Fi. Google Wifi point creates a powerful connection, and the different points work together to determine the best path. This result is fast Wi-Fi everywhere in the house, not just right next to the router.


How Google Wifi keeps itself fast

We do not want to spend time in tweaking complicated settings or managing the Wi-Fi network

Google Wi-Fi creates with Network assist technology, Which keeps your Wi-Fi fast, so you don’t have to figure out how to adjust it.

Network Assist automatically sets the clearest channel and optimal Wi-Fi band for your device. And as you stroll through your house, Network Assist is seamless transition your devices between the Google Wi-Fi system points so that you can avoid delays.

Google Wi-Fi will work with any existing OnHub router. The small design to fit anywhere in the house, allowing users to have multiple Wi-Fi points to growing their connected network.

One of Google Wifi best features is that it is an expandable system. The system uses multiple routers to create a connection.


Prices and Available:-

Google Wi-Fi is pre-order in the US from November 2016.

It will start at $129 but is also available as a pack of three just for $299.