Xiaomi‬, ‪Air Purifier Pro

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Xiaomi‬‬, ‪Air Purifier Pro


About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Inc. is owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. It is the world 4th largest smartphone maker company. The Xiaomi designs, develop and sell smartphones, laptops, mobile apps, and related consumer electronics.

Xiaomi is not only the smartphone maker. The Xiaomi makes a lot more than phones such as Routers, TVs, VR headsets, Drones, Air purifiers and many others products.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro


The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro ios one of the first major product that Xiaomi launched in India. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro has announced at CNY 14999 in China which is 15000 according to the Indian currency. It sale started on 11 November. It comes with OLED display on its face, through bypassing the necessary for you to open the app to check the readings from the purifier. The OLED display shows the real-time air quality using the PM2.5 concentration scale for particulate matter, temperature and humidity.

Apart from this, there is a colored LED ring around the display, which changes color based on the air quality.
1. Green Indicating: Good
2. Orange Indicating: Acceptable
3. Red Indicating: Poor Air Quality


The Mi Air Purifier Pro OLED display comes with Automatic Brightness setting, which ensures that you can see the show incredibly irrespective of the time of day. But you can still monitor the air quality in your Mi Home App.


The Mi Air Purifier Pro comes with a larger dimension of the 35 x 200 x 260 mm and its weighs around 9.7kg. It comes with the newly design Air Flow path and pressure system, and the Clean Air Delivery Rate value of 500m^3/h covers 60 square meters of an indoor as opposed to 48 square meters on Mi Air Purifier 2. The Pro can detect particles of up to 0.3 microns in diameter.

There is no information on when the Mi Air Purifier Pro will launch in India.


1. Results according to Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Centre Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) test report. Takes 10min to circulate clean air in a 21m2 room, 2.4m high.
2. CADR is affected by height and room area. Mi Air Purifier 2 effective area is based on the GB/T 18801 Air Purifier standard: Effective area=CADR x (0.07-0.12).
3. Install the Mi Home application to control Mi Air Purifier 2 remotely. Noise levels on High-speed mode are higher than the Normal or Night mode.
4. Toray EPA filter removes extremely the fine particles and contaminants including airborne allergens  as well as bacteria and some viruses.
5. Results according to Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Centre CADR test report.
6. Mi Air Purifier 2 uses 58% less energy than Mi Air Purifier when both devices are on High-speed mode. 4.8W power consumption takes place when in Normal mode.

How it Works


1. Axial fan
Increases wind speed, moves air evenly upwards for a powerful 360° room circulation.

2. Brushless DC motor
The Brushless DC motor is the ideal engine for seamless speed transitions. Supplied by the world-renown Japanese manufacturer, Nidec, the high-quality motor also the lasts twice as long as conventional brushless DC motors.

3. Mixed flow blades
The 9-blade design uses the mixture of axial and turbine blades to generate high-pressure blows of wind. It draws polluted air through the base and moves air through the top of the air purifier.

4. Tapered air ducts
The smaller, tapered air ducts allow for the compact design. Created with high-quality plastic from Toray and Samsung, the air ducts are incredibly smooth to create the better air flow.

5. Triple-layer filtration
The cylindrical filter has a full 360° air intake. The triple-layer filter uses a primary filter, Toray EPA filter and activated carbon filter to remove airborne particles while allowing clean air pass through.