The Maharajas Express

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The Maharajas Express


History 0f The Maharajas Express

The Maharajas Express is a luxury tourist train is a Royal Maharajas Express train. Owned and operated by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The luxury train service started in March 2010. It runs on 5 circuits covering 12 destinations across North-West and Central India. Mainly in centered on Rajasthan between the months of October and April.

The Maharajas Express was voted “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” four times in a row at The World Travel Awards in the year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. It is the most expensive luxury train in the World. Maharajas Express also received the first runner-up award in the Professional Train Operators Category at Conde Nast Travelers Reader Choice Travel Award in the year 2011.

About the Maharajas Express


India is a country with a history as old as time. A country where several dynasties have ruled through centuries, leaving their mark on the landscape, language and culture of the nation.

The Royal Palaces, Rich natural bounty, Forts, Untamed Wildlife there so much to soak in and store memories for a lifetime.

A journey through India made much more enjoyable and memorable with the Maharajas’ Express. A train almost half of mile long redefines luxury and comfort. It recreates the Lifestyle of a royal era.
The Indian Maharaja is the most luxurious train in India.



Experience the golden triangle in luxury with the journey. You can explore the truer gems of India.

The preciousness of Indian gems resides in its bright greens, its shimmering heritage and its marvels architectural. You can visit the iconic memorial and monument of love Taj Mahal, Catch the sight of the explore the Indian culture in Jaipur.


The journey has redefined Rajasthan Luxury Tours. This Grand Odyssey has an extensive itinerary extending up to 7 days and each day a new visit awaits our guests.

Guests can enjoy the full beauty of the great world icon of love the Taj Mahal, can spot the tiger in the vivid greens of Ranthambore National Park. And soak the spectacular regal heritage of Rajasthan in its magnificent forts, royal cuisine, and vibrant bazaars. The journey will leave you with unforgettable memories of a unique mix of History, Culture, and Folklore.

Treasures of India

The glimpses of Indian heritage and beauty within an of four days. The golden triangle tour takes you and enthralling journey to three of the most fascinating and culturally enriched parts of the country.

The Indian Panorama

The hidden riches of India lie in its breathtaking elegance and its diversity of culture. You can start on an unforgettable escapade that starts off with the capital city of Delhi.
The journey begins through iridescent lands of Jaipur to reach the vivid greens of Ranthambore. They can also take you to the ancient capital city of Mughals, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra.
They soak in the reality of Gwalior and discover the sensuous moods of the temples of Khajuraho. And then to Varanasi, and observe the divine beauty of River Ganges and lastly we savor the elegance and royal splendor of Lucknow.

The Indian Splendour

The Indian Splendor this journey has to redefine Rajasthan Luxury tours. This Grand Odyssey has an extensive route reaching up to 8 days and each day a new visit awaits our guests.

JOURNEY start from DELHI and end in MUMBAI




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