World Heart Day

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World Heart Day


World Heart Day is on 29th September every year. The reason behind celebrating this particular is to convey the message to the individual all around the world and to cure of significant death causing problems, i.e.,  heart attack and stroke.


In 2000 they formed World Heart Day,  its origins from the combination of two major organization The International Society Of Cardiology in 1946 and International Federation Of Cardiology 1970. Later these both organization merged to form International Society And Federation Of Cardiology (ISFC) in 1978 and they again named this foundation to World Heart Foundation in 1998.


They started for awareness of the world about the Heart Diseases, and people are dying due to Heart Attack and other Heart Diseases.

In the year 2000, they notify the people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the World Leading Causes of Death, claiming above 15 Million Deaths every year.


Each year many people die due to cardiovascular disease, 80% in the developing world. The World Heart Federation started to prevent and control all diseases through awareness campaigns and to raise the exchange of information, ideas and science among those included in cardiovascular care, promoting for disease prevention and control by encouraging the physical activity, healthy diets, and tobacco-free living at an individual, community and policymaker level.


The organization has kept growing to become a cornerstone of the cardiovascular health field. The Federation is now working with more than 200 members all over the world.


World Heart Federation organized many National activities such as public talks and screenings, walks and concerts or sporting events worldwide. The people over the globe should take part in the world’s biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease. This year the theme for WHD is Creating healthy, heart choices for everyone everywhere.


The vision mission and values of WHF is:-

[1] Vision

By 2025 to drive the World Health Organization target for non-communication disease mortality reduction by reducing premature deaths from CVD by least 25%.

[2] Mission

How they are going to achieve World Heart Federation unites its members and leads the global light against heart disease.

[3] Value

we believe that leadership unity learning and equality are fundamental to positive change.


Benefits of physical activity

Physical activity keeps your heart healthy by:

(1) Significantly decreasing the risk of heart disease in women

(2) Reducing high blood pressure, and maintaining healthy blood pressure

(3) Helping to maintain a healthy weight balance and to decrease the risk of obesity

(4) Reducing cholesterol levels

(5) Improving psychological health

(6) Reducing levels of stress

(7) Improving blood circulation

(8) Giving you more energy

(9) Improving your sleep

(10) Protecting you against chronic illness


Ten suggestions for a healthy heart

(1) Quit smoking

(2) Stop drinking alcohol

(3) Lower salt intake and high sodium foods

(4) Do Exercise least for 30 minutes a day

(5) Eat more fish, fiber and fruits

(6) Reduce stress – Get an engaging hobby

(7) Get enough sleep

(8) Do your yearly health check-ups

(9) Be aware of heart disease and symptoms