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Marketing is the business of promoting, advertising and selling products or services. It includes market research and advertising.

Marketing is the best sources to launch our products. We are here to provides you the Latest updates of the market what is happening. Also what new things are going to come in market.

Marketing is the process where selling and purchasing are done between the client and seller. Marketing is totally of a risk there may be profit or may be lost.

Having a good marketing strategy can leading to make major profits to a company as well as the customer’s. That aims to increase the values of the business or the merchandise. Also increase the value of the products in the public mind.


The first step toward the promoting an appropriate marketing strategy is to know your audience. And to aware the people, we are updating you the latest updates to know about. To make aware we are doing the various way like advertising of services or products. Through the websites in which we are putting the advertising banner. With whatever information is available through your marketing methods, evaluate whether your assumptions were correct and react accordingly.

There are many new technologies comes in market. Here we update you the latest news what is going in the market. You can check our blogs for any updates.


The 60% of the marketers predict Business Intelligence will be the most purchase technology. And the 46% of marketers say their greatest barrier is gaining access. To more advances analytics and insight to make smarter decisions.

There are numerous types of marketing. Such as Alliance, Close Range, Ambush, Cloud , Community, Content, Database, Digital, Direct, Free Sample , Guerrilla , Diversity.

We are here to providing you the latest updates of latest marketing technology are going to coming soon.

Nikhil Pillai

Nikhil Pillai is the co-founder at Digito Private Limited. He is a digital marketing veteran with a lot of experience and expertise in developing websites too. He is mostly a vivid reader and loves to travel a lot. Bikes and Football are his passions apart from watching movies that come with a twist.

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