Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is the internet advertising which is used to direct traffic to websites. In which the advertiser have to pay a publisher whenever any users click the ads. Pay Per Click is also known as Cost Per Click(CPC).


How to manage your PPC Campaigns:-

  • Never run PPC campaigns without understanding of your client’s business & goal.
  • Make sure that you fully understand the client business. And the requirement of products or services, and the target audience.

Setup Adwords account with proper thought and planning:-

  • Multiple campaigns are targeting a single product category.
  • Multiple ad groups are targeting a single product.
  • Difficulty in measuring and observing the performance of the campaigns.
  • Keywords duplicated across campaigns and ad groups.
  • Google shows only one ad per advertiser on a special keyword, so there no need to include duplicate keywords in campaigns.

 Optimize your campaign settings:-

  • Make sure that your campaign is the only target on the locations, network & devices that are relevant to your target market.
  • Make sure that the campaign using the right bidding option, budget, and ad scheduling.
  • Make sure that the ad extension feature is being used.

This Mobile PPC trends to look for in 2016 and how to apply them to landing pages:-

1) PPC content marketing

2) PPC ad extensions

3) Integrated online and on-the-ground shopping

4) Internet of Things

The future of the Paid search, display and paid social looks impressive with a tad sense of Anything can happen.

Here, you got all the latest updates how to manage the PPC, how to target the right customers.You got all the updates in our Blogs.

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