Surgical Strikes

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Surgical Strikes

India carried out the “Surgical Strikes.” at the “Line Of Control” in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. To destroy terrorists who were prepping to penetrate and attack the Kashmir region and metros.

The strikes which take place on 29 September night. Sources said seven various terrorist “launch pads” were targeted to destroy and up to three kilometers across the Line of Control and that “scores of terrorist is kill.”

On very accurate information which they received that many terrorist teams had located itself along the LOC. The army carried out surgical strikes at all the launch pads areas.


A surgical strike is “a calculated manoeuvre to ensure you deliver maximum damage which gives a big surprise to your opponent,” explain former air chief Fali Homi Major, describing the Indian Army’s operation done on 29 September night  as “well conducted, well done.”


“The ground is very hard. The targets are movable targets. It carrying out an attack and coming back without any damage to yourself,” the retired general said that “every single sepoy prepare on the sketch. Everyone in the team has a particular responsibility.”


How paracommando attack

The Army asked to send in commandos. Armed including M4 assault rifles, under-barrel grenade launchers, and night vision devices. Around 25 commandos of 4 and nine paras were bring to the LOC in helicopters.

After that, the troops crossed over the fence to the other side and carried out the operations.


The para commandos attack on terrorist between midnight and 4.30 am. Indian Army para commandos raided seven terrorist launch pads three km across the Line of Control.

Each launch pad is suppose to have the 30 to 40 terrorists and the Army tell that there is “massive casualties of terrorists, their guides, and handlers.”


The war room in South Block was buzzing with planning as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Army chief General Dalbir Singh was constant feed from Ground Zero during the 4-hour commando operation to bust terrorist launch pads.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was continually brief about the progress. Sources tell that though a decision to go for a surgical strike is start earlier.


Director General of Military Operations (DGMO)

Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt. Gen Ranbir Singh said that the operations are focusing on ensuring that these terrorists do not prevail in endangering lives of citizens in our country. During the counter-terrorist operations, significant dead has caused by the terrorists and those who were trying to support them. The operations have since stopped.

“We do not have any plans but, the Indian armed forces are completely prepared to deal with any emergency which may arise.

I have talked to Pakistani DGMO and expressed our concern. It is India intention to maintain peace and serenity in the region. But we cannot certainly allow terrorists to operate on the Line of Control with impunity and attack our citizens,” said the DGMO.