Facebook Testing to Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Facebook Testing to Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspot


Facebook Testing New Feature That Will Help Find a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Nearby

The Facebook is testing the new features in its application that pinpoints nearest free Wi-Fi on a map. The features are available on a limited number of mobile app users and are currently limited to Facebook for IOS users only.

The new features tested is listed under menu option of the Facebook app as “Find Wi-Fi” and helps users to set location access feature on the app to “always.” The new features then point to the free and publicly available Wi-Fi hotspot to users on a map and also gives them directions to the nearest location of the Wi-Fi. A user posted a screenshot of the new Facebook feature on Twitter. The user shared on top of the page, “There is 8 public Wi-Fi hotspot near you. By turning on Wi-Fi, you can see them.

The feature does not appear to be available at the moment, which means this is probably being Facebook is only testing. The social network tests infinite features all the time, but this one is especially notable.

The Next Web points out, helping the users to find public Wi-Fi could enable to users to use Facebook Live. If your connection of phone is not reliable, a nearby Wi- Fi Location can be helped unless, because your Facebook Live broadcast is dependent on your current location.

Wi-Fi Finding



There are other uses of finding Wi-Fi beyond live video broadcasts. If you are unable to upload a photo or the recorded video, then locating the closest public Wi-Fi point helps. There is one more reason to open the Facebook app, which Facebook apparently wants to support as much as possible. Monitor where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot is, see the unread notifications indicator at the top of the screen, and before you know it you are engrossed in the news feed.
It is just the test feature or at least a feature that is rolling out very slowly. Although, it would be a handy addition to the Facebook app. It would also mean you’d need one less app on your phone since Facebook Wi-Fi feature would probably negate the need for a Wi-Fi finder app.


Facebook has earlier rolled out similar features to offer free Wi-Fi to users for checking-in. The feature rolled out in the year 2012 and granted users free Internet access if they do a Facebook check-in.

In India Facebook was testing the Express Wifi service with multiple ISPs (Internet service providers) in the country. Facebook Express Wifi was under a pilot run and was being offers at 125 rural Wi-Fi hotspots.

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